Friday, June 5, 2009

Kenzie is crawling!!!!!

Well, some might say 2 months is too long in between updates! I would have to agree but it is what it is and now I'm making some time to update the blog. Really, I'm just sick of people asking me when I'm going to update it--so I guess the nagging has worked!!! :) We have been very busy and doing a lot of fun things so here's a little sample:

Here's the oldest princess just showing off her pony tails.
Whenever we're home, ALL maddie does is play school. She lines up all of her dolls/bears/etc even the decorative wrought iron cat! and teaches them. It's really cute and I remember as a kid playing school all the time...
Some of you may have known about Kenzie's eating issue (or lack of eating) It turns out there is nothing wrong except for the fact that she and her tummy just weren't ready to eat. Now, at almost 7 months, she has started eating solids and keeping everything down and somewhat enjoying it we think. We're just 2-3 months behind but that's okay! Before she decided she would eat, one of her doctor's suggestions was to just give her the bowl with cereal and give her a spoon and let her play...I'll never do that again unless it's in the bathtub!!

We went to Ft. Myers Beach Florida in May for our annual trip to visit all of Tom's extended family. That was fun and of course maddie could have stayed on the beach all day and night. Kenzie on the other hand was not thrilled with the sand or the ocean. She also wasn't a huge fan of the pool when we first put her in but now water is probably her favorite thing.

Last but certainly not least, Mackenzie shocked me today by showing me she is now crawling. I was on a conference call for work and look over and she's all the way acoss the room headed for something she shouldn't touch--of course she bypassed about 5 toys she could have played with. We are now getting ready for a very fun summer with a few things planned already like a visit from the girls' 3 boy cousins, maddie is starting "big people dance class," vacation bible school, and who knows what else. I'll post more soon--I promise before 2 more months!!

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  1. Poster kids for sure! Of course I have a 'little' bias!