Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, the end of 2008 was certainly busy for us. Amongst other things (like managing an almost 3 yr old and having a baby), we bought our first house. We are absolutely in love with every bit of it and even though the decorating is a work in progress, I do have some pictures to show. Thanks to my most favorite Aunt Jackie, I had the help of a pro to decorate. There are still a TON of things I want to do but we have a good start. I will post more as more decorating gets accomplished.

This is the view outside of our back windows. (don't worry, the tractor is gone and there's grass now!)

Here's the front of our house (again while still under construction)

This is part of the living room leading into the playroom.

Breakfast nook

The other side of the living room looking into the breakfast nook.